19 March 2007

Forgotten Spring?

Is it me or is the MSM going out of its way to ignore the commemoration of “Black Spring”?

People in Paris and Prague demonstrated for the release of Cuba’s prisoners of conscience. In Havana, there were Italian tourists, one of them a EU Parliament Member, Marco Cappato, protesting with the Ladies in white……………and ………silence.

But Spanish director Pedro Almadovar did protest for the closing of a Cuban prison saying it “is a disgrace for civilisation” He was referring to the facility where terrorists are being held in Guantanamo, not Kilo 8. That was everywhere.

And......The Miami Herald, who didn’t see fit to carry the AP’s article about The Ladies in White’s protest on Saturday, did see it fit to carry a story about hitchicking in Cuba.

Because we learn from the story that even though transportation on the island is chaotic and non-existant, the benevolent socialist government forces government vehicles to pick up hitchhickers:

“On the capital's outskirts, government inspectors wave down government vehicles. Those with empty seats must take hitchhikers, a law that results in 68 million free rides a year, according to the Communist Party newspaper Granma.”

It’s not just the government that does it. The socialist worker in solidarity with his fellow worker considers it a civic duty to pick up hitchhickers:

Most drivers believe it's their civic duty to give free rides, but sometimes a hitchhiker will hop in uninvited. Janeth González, 20, who climbed into a car stopped at a light, told the stranger at the wheel that she was headed to her home in downtown Havana. No big deal -- ''Even the police do it,'' she said.

If only we can learn form those unselfish and carbon-neutral example of egalitarian bliss!


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

DUDE! We are pissing somebody off big time about the tourist issue. That means they are incredibly worried tourists will heed our warning about the dangers the Raul is attempting to cover up. So please spread the word even louder amigo! The Canadians are getting the message - now is not the time to go to Cuba. But in a few months after we drive the greedy tyrant Raul from his throne then by all means.

Charlie Bravo said...

Gusano, Almodovar has protested against kasstro too, in Cuba. He was swiftly put in a plane, unceremoniously and advised to never go back there. He protests also against Bush. As long as he protests kasstro he's on our side..... He spoke on TV in Spain describing and decrying the treatment that Cubans get from his own government.

El Gusano said...


thats good yo know. didn't he get arrested in a drag club?
anyway had he protested for the release of Cuban political Prisoners, it would have been ignored.