06 March 2007

Will Coincidences Ever Cease?

And, in another mind boggling coincidence, comes this stirring tribute to Cuba's tourist wonders and asks the self indulgent question:

Why should the rest of the U.S. be held hostage to electoral politics in Florida that prevent most Americans from seeing Cuba?

As if there was no right or wrong, no just and unjust.

The answer to that question, by the way, is eloquently offered here in this brilliant Post by Babalu contributor Henry Gomez.

A Taste:

Imagine white beaches and soothing tropical breezes. Fine hotels, beautiful beaux-arts architecture and salsa music in every cafe and restaurant. Friendly people, heady cigars, classic automobiles and the lingering spirit of gangsters who ran casinos in the 1950s.

This is Cuba. Long rumored to possess the best beaches in the Americas, this Caribbean island draws tens of thousands of tourists each year. They windsurf off beaches, hike in topical forests and bike along rough but scenic country roads. The island boasts sprawling resorts, festive restaurants and a vibrant nightlife.

Only 90 miles from Florida, Cuba was once a Mecca for American tourists, but today only a handful of Americans join the throngs that arrive from Asia, the European Union and Latin America.

I'm not arguing about Cuba being a paradise , that it is, but I do find it interesting how all these articles coincidently appear on the heels of proposed legislation in the Senate that will remove travel barriers to Cuba.

I know it's just a huge coincidence, but more suspicious minds might interpret this as a coordinated effort by Castro's appologists to allow their commie buddies to rake in some quick cash by faning the flames that hope to consume the barriers to travel to the island.

Funny how all of the travel advocates fail to mention that Cubans are not allowed to travel or vacation abroad. Hell, they can't even enjoy the tourist attractions that is their birthright. Maybe that's what this ilk finds so attractive bout Cuba in the first place.

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