24 March 2007

Some Cubans

Some Cubans don't need Santana to be on their records.

Some Cubans seek out ways to Help the cause, not make excuses.

Some Cubans try to help their brethren unjustly jailed by an illegitimate and repressive regime, not be politically correct.

Some Cubans mean it when they shout "Hasta Cuando" when they sing of Mi Tierra.

Some Cubans re-mix their one of their hits for Primavera Negra TV, rather and speak in retreaded cliches.

Reinery Diaz, Rey El Vikingo, is one of those Cubans.




A big Thanks to Rey El Vikingo for his help during the Primavera Negra Commemoration


Anonymous said...

But too bad that the majority of these singers are loosers whose music depends on degrading women and imitating gang members.. Check out his website for an example.

El Gusano said...

Yes, please check out his website. You will find it very tame by hip-hop standards.
And Anon: don't come in here to spread your biggotry. not every black or hispanic youth that wears baggy pants, and dons gaudy chains are gang members.