27 March 2007

Rations Courtesy of Uncle Sam

According to this, the meager rations that Cubans can buy with pesos under the rationing card system of enslavement comes from Cuba's number one food trading partner, the US.

Its main exports to Cuba include chicken, wheat, corn, rice and soybeans -much of it doled out to Cubans on the government ration.

Doled out?!? No, In Cuba you have to pay the slave master for your meager rations from your $12 from your month salary. Ration means that you can only buy a limited amount because there is a limited supply. Not that you are "given" anything. The only thing the Castro regime gives for free is misery and repression.

Apparently, the US exports are also used for the tourist industry since the article claims that Cuba also imports:

brand-name cola, mayonnaise, hot sauce and candy bars, as well as dairy cows.

things definitely not on the "libreta".

Some "embargo"!

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