03 March 2007

Rafts of Mass Hysteria

Here in South Florida Cubanophobia continues to grip the population.

Lurking in the warm Caribbean waters is the scariest threat known to man.

Weapons of Mass Destruction?


Cuban Refugees. (that’s right REFUGEES, not Migrants. Regardless of what Mr. “depends on the what definition of is is” says.)

But have no fear, White people . Your government is making sure that you are protected from freedom seeking Balseros.

Joint drill set to prepare for exodus from Caribbean

In a Hysterical development, South Florida authorities are now saying that they’re not holding the drill to prevent a mass exedous from Cuba, but from anywhere in the Caribbean. I guess they read their own words and realized the racial bias and paranoia. (not that it matters when it comes to Cuban refugees)

"The timing of this year's exercise in no way reflects concern over recent events in Cuba," Coast Guard officials said in a press release. "In fact the mass migration plan does not focus on any single country; rather it addresses mass migration from any Caribbean nation."

The drill will involve 50 government agencies and will take emergency crews through a myriad of scenarios, including medical evacuations and interdictions. It will also train crews on how to process an influx of people and to deter them from coming in the first place.Federal Homeland Security officials and Florida emergency management authorities will join local police and health officials, Warr said.

Jaime Suchlickii, director of the Institute for Cuban and Cuban American Studies at the University of Miami, kindda blew their racist raft out of the water by pointing out that:

there are only enough boats in Cuba to bring 25,000 to 30,000 people to Florida.



Charlie Bravo said...

As we have discussed before, Gusano, the whole thing is related to a racist view of some idiots that still believe that story of the racial purity.
Anyone who has ever called a Cuban refugee a migrant is a willingly participant in the "mass migration" hysteria!

El Gusano said...

Good Ol Boy Bubba when he was running for prez said that he did't see a diff betwen Hatians and Cubans so the Hatians started buliding boats. So faced with the prospect of letting thousands of blacks into the US, he decreed Cubans to be migrants just like the Hatians.with a illegal little wet-fot dry foot added later for shits and giggles. sore subject here.

Charlie Bravo said...

Yes, that's a very sore subject. Specially when nothing is done to eliminate the causes of the Cuban refugee waves, and our country has invaded Haiti, while they kept on coming.
The worst part of the dry foot wet foot besides its own criminal nature is that it has been kept in place by W and you hardly hear a peep on it from the politicos. Now, how do that get explained?

Alfredo said...

so i guess the FREEDOM of Cuba is out of hand because.... of mass migration? What kind of logic is that? I am tired of all the excuses and the blame game on the Cuban people inside and outside the island. The responsibility directly belongs to the apartheid dictatorship.

Worried about the migration concerning an island with 9 million and how many do we have from another country here in the US?

Charlie Bravo said...

Yes, Alfredo, very sad my friend.... I have had arguments with people who told me that "we don't want la marea negra that's coming" implying that most of the balseros would be black. Well, hello... Cuban population has a great number of blacks!
As per the other country, we receive more or less a million a year, and the liberal press and liberal organizations do everything in their power to help them cross the border and stay here!

El Gusano said...

It is accepted to be anti Cuban in the US. The coast guard can open fire on a boat full of Cuban refugees and nobody says squat. Yet, if the border guard in the Mexican border would do that , youd never hear the end of it. IMHO it is because alot of the migrants that sneak in are anti American just like the press. The refugees for the most part love America and the freedom and opportunity. because of this and because they are not looking for handouts, they aren't considered the downtrodden.realistically they are the most downtrodden because if they had half the opportunity migrants from other countries have, they'd never leave Cuba.

Charlie Bravo said...

Gusano, you put it beautifully my friend....
By the way there are two border patrols members in jail for having fired at a Mexican drug-smuggler, people-trafficker scumbag. The pleads for their pardon elevated to the White House have been not responded. But.... The Bi-Coastal Guard fires their machine guns against a boatload of refugees and nothing happens. If it weren't for the blogs people would not hear about that. What really enrages me is the silence about it.
Apparently, those refugees manage to raise very little sympathy from the press once they make it to the American census report and demonstrate that no matter the color of their skin, they do beautifully in this country. And we know that the commie press needs some little brown people around for them to sound altruistic. The balseros simply don't afford them that opportunity.