12 March 2007

A Candadian story about Gusanos.

Here are some excerpts

No name-calling on this one.

In America now

In Cuba, they are disparagingly known as gusanos -- worms -- who crawled away from their homeland. Fidel Castro has repeatedly tried to depict the nearly 20% ofCubans who have fled since he came to power as despicable scum whose departurehas only improved the quality of Cuban life.

Almost half a century later, the presence of Cuban exiles permeates the area. Miami's exiles make up the most successful Hispanic community in the United States, and their economic power is evident everywhere. Their city serves both as the "Capital of the Caribbean" and a gateway to Latin America.

The city's Cubans have become a dominant force in Florida politics. Ever since the debacle of the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion -- which many believe failed because president John F. Kennedy refused at the last minute to provide the invaders with air support -- they have overwhelmingly voted Republican and sidedwith the anti-communist right.

In the 2000 U.S. presidential elections, 250,000 Cuban-American voters in southern Florida supported George W. Bush, guaranteeing him the presidency in a
crucial swing state he won by only 537 votes.

Having transformed Miami and south Florida, successful young Cuban-American exiles are now eager to share their skills to nudge Cuba forward. They no longer regard the island as a long-lost homeland, but see it more as a personal challenge and a business opportunity.

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