28 March 2007

New Suckers Wanted

Pedro Alvarez, director of Cuba's food import company, Alimport said :

that if the embargo were lifted, U.S.-Cuba trade in goods and services -- including tourism -- could swell to $21 billion in the first five years.

WOW! $21Billion!

Sounds enticing doesn't it?

But wait, we're talking trade here not, investments, so really no wealth is being created in Cuba to pay for all these goods and services. They are just offering the US a piece of the already existing pie.

These goods and services must be coming from some place else now.

Let's see what Mr Alvarez's thoughts, err I mean Castro's thoughts are on this, since independent thought is outside revolutionary bounds....

He said U.S. powdered milk and other perishables had spoiled on ships in Cuban ports because American authorities held up cash payments sent from the island.


The problem is that if they didn't have to pay cash, then they would buy way more stuff from us.

They need credit....

A credit card, guaranteed by the American taxpayer.

We'll buy $21 Billion in stuff from you and we'll gladly pay you tuesday.


Fidel pro democracy said...

you have to be a total moron to give credit to those guys, do americans forget that they haven't paid for what they stolen in 1960?

El Gusano said...

yo nunca los entendere.