16 March 2007

Ricardo Alarcon is having homo-erotic fantasies about his master again. Yesterday he stated that Fidel is in "perfect shape" and that he would dominate...I mean "nominate him" for "president" in Cuba's parrot parliament.

But hmmmm.... Today we find out that Florida's governor, Charlie Crist, got a security

detailing the state's plans when Cuban leader Fidel Castro dies. It was delivered in person by Maj. Gen. Douglas Burnett, adjutant general of the Florida National Guard, who on his way in, quipped he had asked military chaplains to work on two prayers - no hurricanes and to "keep Castro alive a little longer."

Say what?!? alive a little longer?

Now this is where it gets good:

Crist, it turns out, was not supposed to be in Tallahassee today. He was supposed to be in Sanibel, (I wish I was in Sanibel), giving a "keynote" address on homeland secutrity which was cancelled because he had to deal "with another homeland security matter."

The other security matter was the briefing from Gen. Burnett. HMMMM????

When asked about Gov. Crist's briefing from Gen. Burnett, Carter Johnson, deputy director of legislative affairs for the Department of Military Affairs said "There's always new developments. He's getting better intel than there was three weeks ago,"

Pal Carajo.

What was THAT all about?

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