16 February 2007

Pink Colored Glasses

The Spanish Secretary of state for Ibero-America, Trinidad Jiménez, continues to see Cuba through her standard- issue, socialist pink-colored glasses.

She announced that Spain will continue to have a close relationship with the island’s communist regime and also said that the Cuba is undergoing changes.

She told National Radio of Spain that the changes taking place in Cuba compel the Spanish government to maintain a dialogue to be ready for Cuba’s future.

Ms. Jiménez, who has a had a rocky relationship with the Castro regime, has reiterated the Zapatero’s government position on Cuba’s future:

She said that the important thing in Cuba was to prevent “instability, clashes and insure the changes come about in the agreed manner” Jiménez reiterated that Spanish firms had been doing business in Cuba for years and that if the new Cuban leader would open up the country to the outside , it would mean new business opportunities for these firms and others in the future.

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