17 January 2007

Beating a Dying Horse

Not to beat a dying horse, but………

While the Cubans captive on the island are filled with anxiety and uncertainty about their future , here’s some what they are treate d to in the Cuban “Press”

Posada Case: the momentof truth has arrivedThe international media has reported that on January 11, 2007, the United States government, which for more than 18 months has been protecting international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, has been obliged to indict him on charges of fraud and lying when applying for U.S. citizenship.

New U.S. defense secretary in KabulKABUL, January 16 (PL).—Robert Gates, the new U.S. defense secretary, has arrived in this capital to examine the uncontrollable resistance actions and the general instability in this nation with the Afghan administration and military

Rafael Correa greets Fidel and wishes him a prompt recoveryQUITO, January 14.—The president-elect of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, sent greetings to President Fidel Castro and wished him a speedy recovery, at the end of a meeting with Carlos Lage, vice president of the Cuban Council of State.

BUT what am I thinking? This is the INTERNET edition. Cubans don’t have access to it. They get a 7 or 8 page rag.

Their daily ration of toilet paper.

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