11 January 2007

Three for Three


Something's definitely up Lula's sleeve.

First Day. He offers to help in the eventual democratization of Cuba.

Next Day: A very negative editorial in O Mondo calling Venezuela the new Cuba.

Today: A Bush and Lula meeting announced.

Brazil, a developing economic powerhouse, is moving to become a player in Latin-American politics and the world stage.

Brazil's goal is to get a permanent seat in the UN's security council. That road goes to New York through Washington.

Venezuela and Cuba would be included in the agenda to be discussed by US president George W. Bush and his Brazilian counterpart Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva when they meet in Washington in the first half of 2007, Thursday announced a US official.

As quoted by AP, the Bush-Lula meeting date has not been set yet, but it would take place between April and June, said the official, who requested anonymity because the details of the trip have not been determined.

Washington is waiting to have more information about announcements made this week by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez regarding nationalization of key sectors such as energy, telecommunications and heavy oil crude processing.

"Lula has good relations with Chávez… we are obviously very interested in the regional stability," he added.

Brazil can prove to be an important US ally to counterbalance Venezuela in the OAS and the UN to press for the democratization of Cuba .

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