05 January 2007

Tale of Two Countries

Blooger Ate My Posting.
Here's what should have been posted this morning:

Martín Torrijos, President of Panama, was in Havana this week to meet with interim Cuban dictator, Raul Castro. During the visit, officials from both countries reviewed bilateral relationships.

Along with Castro, the Cuban delegation consisted of Carlos Lage, Fernando Ramírez de Estenoz y Felipe Pérez Roque. The participating Panamanians were Carlos Vallerino, Economic y Finance Ninister and Ángel Omar Rodríguez, Panama’s ambassador to Cuba.

As part of his agenda, the visitor toured the Latin American School of Medicine, where over 10,000 students from 28 countries, including 400 Panamanians, are studying.

In this fourth visit to Cuba since he came into power in 2004, Torrijos has held separate meetings with other Cuban officials, such as Parliament President Ricardo Alarcon, and Government minister Ricardo Cabrisas.
Torrijos as his father before him , Omar Torrijos, is a Castro groupie who had hoped to meet his idol, Fidel, one last time in this odd visit with little agenda.
The ex- Cuban dictator , who according to the Cuban regime and his Spanish doctor, is recuperating so satisfactorily that he may return to power soon, was in no condition to receive his Panamanian fan who left empty handed, misty eyed and quietly.

Meanwhile, another Central American country, El Salvador, is not planning on establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba due of the lack of freedom on the island and because of the communists regime’s intervention in El Salvador’s civil war.

Eduardo Cálix, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, said in an interview that Cuba doesn’t share the same democratic principles as El Salvador and that the Cuban government shows no signs of having any value for freedom or show a willingness to strengthen democratic institutions.

Cálix also strongly criticized Cuba’s involvement in fomenting El Salvador's revolution, an armed conflict that took the lives of 75,000 Salvadorans between 1980 and 1992.
Obviously, those who have experienced the evil of the Castro regime know that it makes no sense to sit and legitimize their murderous agenda.

Let’s not forget that Castro’s dream was to bring down Latin American society and replace with his own twisted brand of a collective revolutionary society.

Let’s not forget that his disciple, Hugo Chavez, is trying to carry out his mentor’s dream.
Chavez also had a new year's visit planned to Havana to meet his recuperating dictator- mentor but cancelled it without comment and sent Castro more Venezuelan national treasures.(documents from Bolivar).

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