15 January 2007

A Foot in Mouth or A Foot in Grave?

From Dominican Today:

Cuba's ambassador to the Dominican Republic said on Dominican TV yesterday that the "irreplaceable" Fidel Castro ,

due to his condition and the fact that he’s 80 years old, it’s very
unlikely that Fidel Castro will return to that nation’s presidency.
Since back in late November the regime has been making cryptic statements that Castro I will not return to govern. The first such "admission" came from his niece, Mariela, who envisioned her uncle returning in a symbolic or advisory role; a tyrant emeritus, if you will.

The new party line, laid down by Castro II, seems to be that Fidel may be gone but his ideas will live on.

This is what the Cuban Ambassador, Juan Astiasarán Ceballo , had to say on the subject on the program D'Agenda on Channel 11:

"At the moment most of the provincial and municipal ministers and officials are young people who are not over 40 years of age and are the people in charge of giving continuity to this process headed by our commander Fidel Castro,"

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Did the Ambassador open his mouth and put his foot in it?

If Astiasarán doesn't get recalled to Havana and jailed within the next few days, we 'll know that the new position is that Castro I is never coming back because his foot is securely inside the grave.

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