07 January 2007


Back in the day, the anti-Castro contrarrevolución was a lot more “radical” than it is today.

In those days we dreamed of armed struggle against the tyrant.

The struggle in these post-soviet days has become an information war.

The Castro Regime, by its own admission, cannot win the war because we have truth and justice on our side.

This is what Abel Prieto, Culture Minister and rising star in Raul Castro’s regime, had to say about the subject:

"It would be a delusion to think we could hide that torrent of information," he insists, referring to anti-Castro websites. "The only possibility is to beat them with a better concept of life."

In the orthodox communist dialectic, that means that they have to fabricate an alternative truth and disperse it through propaganda. They can’t. Not in today’s world. It’s too small, too connected. All they can do is try to keep people from the truth by denying them information. They haven’t been able to for 48 years and they are certainly not going to be able to do it in today’s world.

Their enemy is the TRUTH. And like Time, as Fidel found out, truth cannot be conquered.


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