26 January 2007

Flake's at it again

Flake pushes to lift travel restrictions to Cuba
The aptly named Jeff Flake has teamed up with one of Fidel Castro’s biggest cheerleaders, Charlie Rangel, to introduce H.R.654, a bill to lift the prohibition on Americans traveling to Cuba.

Flake stated:

"A new approach is long overdue”

"For nearly fifty years our current Cuba policy has done little to bring democracy to Cuba,"

"Far from hastening democratic reforms, our current policy has given Fidel Castro a convenient scapegoat for his own regime's failures. With the Cuban government taking new shape, we shouldn't give the new leader the same excuses we've given the old one,"

Flake has long said that he believes that the most effective way to hasten democratic reforms in Cuba is to ease trade and travel restrictions currently imposed by the U.S.

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So pack your bags, kiddies and let’s go to Havana and sip some mojitos.

But bring lots of cash because Raul needs it to continue oppress your relatives…err.. I mean to make democratic reforms.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I smell a Veto.
though I still think remittances, Radio/TV Marti and USAID are gonners