19 January 2007

Castro Fans Prematurely Celebrate "The Succession"

The leftie fans of the only totally non-free regime in the Americas and the second worst freest economy in the world are gleefully proclaiming Fidel’s final victory over the evil empire and the Miami Mafia:

An uneventful succession from one tyrant to the next.

These rebels without a clue have always admired Castro because he stood up to the big, bad US of A.

Somehow, the fact that Castro was like an annoying mite in the feathers of the Mighty American Eagle, justified 48 years of suffering for the Cuban people.

These leftist intellectuals are now prematurely celebrating the percieved survival of the tropical worker’s paradise and thus the continued enslavement of eleven million people.

Case in point is this AP article by Anita Snow:

Cuba's post-Castro life already begun

By ANITA SNOW, Associated Press

Fidel Castro's enemies in exile have long predicted that the end of his reign in Cuba would bring dancing in the streets, a mass exodus and a rapid transition to a U.S.-style democracy and market economy.

But almost six months after Castro stepped aside due to illness, the transition has occurred — and with none of those changes. Cubans are calmly going about their business, and there has been no northbound rush of migrants, and no signs of impending policy shifts.

Even if Castro recovers fully and returns to public life, officials no longer insist that he will return to power. Why would he? Cuban officials already have pulled off what their enemies have long said would be impossible: They have built a post-Castro communist system.

About the only thing different in Cuba is that its government, instead of being led by a single person, is handled by a group. Raul Castro heads a collective leadership guided by the same Communist Party his older brother extolled during a nearly half-century in power.

"These guys know what they are doing. They are prepared to lead Cuba without Fidel," said Marifeli Perez-Stable of the Inter-American Dialogue, a Washington think tank. "The country, in the short run, is not going to collapse."
And this

But Cubans recognize that any changes will be gradual, and "will be orchestrated by those whom Fidel has long been grooming," Julia E. Sweig of the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations wrote in the current issue of Foreign Affairs magazine.

"Washington, too, must accept that there is no alternative to those already running post-Fidel Cuba," she wrote.

Whole Article Here

First of all, nothing in Cuba is at seems on the surface. What the Cubans on the street are going to do once Fidel is buried is anybody’s guess. And rest assured that those of us on this side of the Florida Straights are not going to sit around with our arms crossed.

Secondly, If the new collective leadership is so well entrenched in power and the US is a spectator on the sidelines, then why is it that they don’t tell the Cuban people what Castro’s condition and prognosis is?

If “these guys know what they’re doing” why are they acting like a bunch of scared school girls hiding behind Fidel’s Adidas track suit?

Pretending that the Cuban nomenklatura is a cohesive and united entity is wishful thinking for those who would love to see Castrism perpetuated for generations to come.

There are ELEVEN MILLION people in that island that expect change once Fidel meets his maker. They better get it or things are going to get ugly.


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