06 January 2007

US Says: Not So Fast!

90 Minutes.

That's how long Dr. José Luis García Sabrido spent with the patient, Fidel Castro Ruz, after making a 6,000 mile housecall.

He then spent the next 48 hours telling us what the patient didn't have when news of his trip surfaced.

From the Lexington Herald Leader:

"The bottom line: He is terminally ill," said Ross Feinstein

The U.S. ambassador to Madrid, Eduardo Aguirre, told reporters yesterday that García Sabrido's comments might have been part of a Cuban "propaganda"ploy.

Aguirre, in Washington for a gathering of U.S. ambassadors to Europe, said he
considered the doctor's diagnosis suspicious, echoing similar claims that other
U.S. officials have made before -- but always in private.

Article Here

From Breitbart:

"We believe that he has months, not years," Feinstein said, adding that "nothing has changed in the director's assessment" since the doctor's comments on Castro late last month.
Last month, when a congrassional "fact" finding delegation returned from a vist to Havana, one of the congressman shared this "fact":

'He'll be back,' was the story, and 'he doesn't have terminal cancer,' is what government officials told us," Jerry Moran, a Kansas Republican, said at the time.

In fact, we were told while we were in Cuba that the medical doctors treating Fidel Castro are sequestered, are isolated even from their own families," he said.

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From Killcastro - A war Blog:

But they pulled the fastest diagnostic on a man who’s been convalescing for 6 months! Maybe Dr. Sabrido needed to get back to some xmas unwrapping but it was all TOO fast , too clandestine too cloak and dagger and THERE it is when you get caught! And OOPSY DAISY!

Just so they know....they ain't fooling anybody!

Post from 12/26/06 Here

Everytime, a rumor has gotten a little too big or a US official comments, the regime has reacted by doing something to disprove the rumors.

Let's see what they do now!


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