30 January 2007

Falling Flake?

Jeff Flake continues to make a name for himself, or rather, living up to his name in congress.

His attitudes towards immigration and Cuba are being questioned by those in his home state of Arizona.

What those in the eco-system inside the beltway consider “gutsy” those in his home state consider …well…flaky.

Flake’s views have certainly not endeared him to the Republican Party who removed him from his Judiciary Committee position.

Here are some excerpts from an article by J. James Estrada in American Daily.com:

Immigration challenge: Flake-ing out?
By J. James Estrada (01/30/07)

Jeff Flake began his fourth term in Congress this month representing Arizona's 6th Congressional District, just as he's starting to gain a name for himself in Washington. He was named as the "gutsiest" member of Congress by congressional staff members last year. …

Is Flake considered “gutsy” by his own constituents? Not really. …

On Cuba:

….While the populace here in Arizona is living a daily battle to control illegal immigration and its effects on local crime, monetary costs and strain on educational resources, Flake is working hard to secure a more open relationship with Cuba. Here’s what he said in a press release last month: “It is time for the United States to enter a dialogue with Cuba. America has important interests in Cuba and strong disagreements with the Cuban government. At a time when Cuba is changing and the opportunities to advance our interests and values in Cuba are not known, we unanimously believe that the United States should respond positively to the proposal made by Raul Castro…”

Raul Castro is said to be more radical and leftist than his older brother, Fidel Castro, the ailing dictator of Cuba. Why would Flake take the word of someone like Raul Castro to heart? Before the Castro brothers placed Cuba in their iron communist fist nearly 50 years ago, it was Raul who made contact with the Soviet KGB to aid in their efforts to do so. When they did assume power, it was to the detriment of all Cuban citizens, who paid with both blood and money to satisfy the power hungry brothers appetite for control. Raul was responsible for overseeing the execution of soldiers loyal to the overthrown government. And here we are now, with Flake forgetting the lessons of the last century. Dictators are not to be trusted.

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