16 January 2007

Hail the Humbugs

Today, The Miami Herald brings us a fantasy about Cuban “reporters.”

Even the title of the article is somewhat Orwellian:

Cuban seems to urge freer press

Cuban? Mark Cuban, the Owner of the Mavs? A Cuban dissident, perhaps?

No, the Cuban in question is “Cuba’s chief ideologue”, Rolando Alfonso Borges, who heads the “Ideology Department of the Communist Party's Central Committee”.


Let’s try to get past that there’s actually an Ideology Department of the Communist Party's Central Committee.(I know it’s hard, but let’s)

What did the “chief ideologue” actually say?

He called for:

the ''dissemination of the truth of Cuba,''

Ahh! “The truth of Cuba”. Not the TRUTH, but The truth “of Cuba”, as defined by the “Truth Department of the Communist Party's Central Committee.”?

AND Mr. Chief Ideologue also called for greater access to the Internet.

Hmm?…In a country where owning a computer is a crime. OK.

BUT: (there’s always a but. It’s a Cuban thing, Butts are to Cubans ass… But, I digress….)

But he also classified journalism as ''a weapon against imperialist humbugs'' and said that the news media must act ''with and for the Revolution,'' a long-standing criterion that prevents state-controlled press from being too critical.

So…..Why should we care about this article?………..

Basically, the regime wants reporters to go out on the internet and try to block the tsunami of truth that is drowning their propaganda with bigger and better sandbags full of lies: “Truth of Cuba”.

Free Cubans have taken to the internet to dispel the lies and fallacious notions that Castro and his minions have spread into cyberspace. AND it has worked.

This meeting in Havana was a warning to Cuban “journalists”, (propagandists), that they are not doing a good enough job at lying and that they better get busy.

It is the second time in as many moths that the Cuban regime has admitted that it is losing the information war to the Free Cubans and the Worldwide New Media . And now, the World Mainstream press is starting to turn on them too. Late last year, Abel Prieto, Cuba’s Culture Minister, (no he’s not like the Cuban Miss Manners, he chooses what Cubans get to listen to on the radio station) admitted:

"It would be a delusion to think we could hide that torrent of information," he insists, referring to anti-Castro websites. "The only possibility is to beat them with a better concept of life."

Talk about Desperation and White Flags.

The Herald quotes its sister publication to the South, Granma:

In an article Sunday, the Communist Party daily Granma said that Cuba's journalists must be ``up to the great transformations and needs of the Revolution. The people must see its problems reflected in our media with greater frequency.''

''To this end,'' Granma added, ``we demand investigation, richness of language and creativity, with the concomitant professional and political responsibility.''

That means: Write about how screwed up everything is because of the Yankee Imperialist Embargo and the Miami Mafia.

Read the Article here. It also quotes real journalist “Hector Palicios who was released from jail last month. Talk about JOURNALISTS. He sets them straight.

Why you would quote anything coming form a country with an “Ideology Department of the Communist Party's Central Committee” who owns a newspaper that goes by “the Official Organ of Cuba’s Communist Party” is beyond me, but I guess you’ve got fill the newspaper up with something.

Mi verso al valiente agrada:
Mi verso, breve y sincero,
Es del vigor del acero
Con que se funde la espada

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