11 January 2007

Raul in Charge

The US ' main concern about the situation in Cuba right now continues to be its stabitlity.

Clearly, in the short term, they would rather see a stable but enslaved island than the volatility that would come with a civil revolt that would likely send thousands of Cubans into the Florida straights.

They're sleeping better in Washington while we toss and turn and dream of a free Cuba and the Cubans on the Island continue their nightmare tonight:

Officials believe Raul Castro is in control of a relatively stable Cuba

Army Lt. Gen. Michael D. Maples, the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, also said that Raul, who's been Cuba's defense minister since the early 1960s, enjoys "widespread respect and support among Cuban military leaders who will be crucial in a permanent government succession."

"In Cuba, Raul Castro is firmly in control as Cuba's acting president," Maples said, and will likely maintain power and stability after Fidel Castro dies, at least for the short-term."

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