04 January 2007

It's Now Official: Castro Will Die!

All Psychics, Charlatans and New Age Occultists are now tripping all over each other to publicly predict the obvious:

Fidel Castro Will Die in 2007!

Even Ex-Director of American Intelligence, John Negroponte, got into the act last month.

But with this guy, Antonio Vazquez, Mexico's self-proclaimed "Grand Warlock" or "Brujo Mayor" getting into the act, it's a lock.


Fidel Castro will be dead by May. Presidential candidate-turned-protest leader Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will fade into obscurity. The anti-immigration wall between the United States and Mexico will not get built.
Cuban expatriates in Miami might take special interest in Vazquez's forecast that the 80-year-old Castro, who temporarily ceded power to his brother Raul five months ago following emergency surgery for intestinal bleeding, will die in the next four months May. Raul will then develop closer relations to the United States, and eventually the long-banished casinos will be back.

Vazquez also said 2007 will be "100 percent feminine," with women rising to prominence on the world's artistic and political stages."

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O.K. My Two Quilitos:

First of all, I am not ex-pat, I am an exile.

Second of all, we exiles don't want casinos, we want elections.

Thirdly, as far as Cuba goes, did he mean "100 per cent effeminate, maybe?"


Jose Aguirre said...

Fourth of all, we want Raul dead also! And last but not least that guy needs a shave and a bath!

St. Jose said...

"we exiles don't want casinos, we want elections."

That´s right.
We want a free Cuba.

!Ya No Mas! said...

Damnit,here goes one more time!! Freedom,Democracy and Independence,is that hard for those MORONS to understand?The RAPACIOUS empire is not interested in talks. They want to steal Cuba! Jeff Flake the flaming liberal and Delahunt are Naive fools.They obviously cares very little about the suffering Cuban people. Hell with the embargo, hell with trading for those greedy pigs in Washington. To improve relationship with United States, the United States needs to eliminated the Castro Regime to have a civil relation between our two countries. United States can not negotiate with a Cold-Blooder Killer like Raul Castro. I think the US Congress should take their policy and stick-it where the sun don't shine.

Charlie Bravo said...

isn't that guy the splitting image of Satan Hussein's ghost?
Effeminate, 100%, that's raul kasstro.