10 January 2007

¡Otro Shock Brasile … ÑO!

Two Days , and Two Shockers from Brazil.

Today we have the O Globo criticizing Chavez’ collective plans for Venezuela by converting it into the New Cuba. The article reads as if it had been written by a made member of the Miami Mafia:

From: El Universal:

Chávez intends to create a new Cuba, say the Brazilian media

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is trying to turn his country into a "new Cuba" and this may weaken Mercosur democratic mindset, commented Wednesday major
Brazilian newspapers.

"Chávez heads at full speed for a totalitarian state," said O Globo concerning Chávez' decision to nationalize major companies during his new six-year term started Wednesday with the banner of the 21st Century Socialism, AFP reported.

"The president is increasingly willing to turn Venezuela into a new Cuba," O Globo added. Like other media, the newspaper criticized Chávez for reversing a broadcasting license to a dissenting TV channel and lashing out at Organization of American States (OAS)Secretary-General José María Insulza.

O Globo warned against the "risk that Chávez could make Mercosur to lose moral strength." Venezuela joined last year the trade bloc composed of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Yesterday, I highlighted how the new Brazilian Ambassador to the US volunteered Brazil to “ possibly play a role in the search for a transition to democracy that could be more calm and without possible turbulence”.

Now this shocker.

The new Latin American Left in Chile and Brazil have been quick to distance themselves from the XXI century socialism conjured up in the fascist minds of Castro and Chavez, apparently choosing investments and free markets over nationalization and planned economies as ways to improve the lives of their citizens.

The likes of Castro I & II and Chavez, of course, don’t care about improving the lives of their citizens , only in power.

With Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay and El Salvador sharing the US’s view on the autodetermination of the Cuban people, the OAS might play a major role in pressuring the Castro II regime into making some meaningful changes or in hastening its inevitable demise.

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