10 January 2007

We Are Not Worthy

I sit and write these words from the comfort of a leather chair in an air conditioned room or a lawn chair by the pool, sipping beer, wine , soda, coffee or whatever I please, without a care in the world other than my a slow wireless broadband signal.

There are no repercussions or consequences about "ranting" about the events in an island 350 miles away save for a few caustic comments. No risks, only the rewards of patting myself on the back for doing something for the "cause".

Meet Carlos Otero:

He writes too. Only when he writes , there are consequences:

Read about Otero in this Miami New Times Article


I'd like to think I'd do the same as Otero and stand up to the tyranny, but would I? Would I actually risk rotting in one of Castro's jails to defend my principles? Would I give up a life of comfort on my knees to stand up and risk it all?

I'm not sure I would be brave enough.

Next time you're down because of some adversity in your life, think of Carlos Otero. I know I will.

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