25 January 2007

Cult of the Absurd

Fidel, (barely visible in white cap), Jogs with Cuban youths along the Malecon Thursday morning.

Fidel Castro has made a remarkable recovery.

According to his protégée, Hugo Chavez, Castro is doing so well, he is “almost jogging”

Chavez is also quoted in the Miami Herald as saying:

“We will have Fidel and we will have Raúl for a lot more time.''

''Lage told me that Fidel walked I don't know how many minutes yesterday,''

“He's walking more than me, almost jogging. Maybe he's walking while watching us.''

Just Last week Chavez told us that Castro was “battling for his life”


Growing up in Cuba, the thing that used to amaze me the most was that the true measure of a good revolutionary was his ability to swallow the lies hook line and sinker.

To a real revolutionary the truth was of no consequence. The truth was something to be overcome with revolutionary zeal and spirit. The truth was what Fidel said it was. What your intellect and your senses told you was wrong for only what Fidel told you was real.

Cuba became a cult, built on lies and absurdity where those who believed were told to believe some more and those who didn’t were eliminated, exiled or caged.

Then, you’re lucky enough to scape and come to a country where everyone is encouraged to find their own truth. But the Cult Leaders are still preaching. They come after our children with the false Gods and Icons of their demented cult of lies and hatred seeking even more converts. They come to you city, to your school.

It’s enough to make you puke.


Alfredo said...

is the dictator doing joggercizes? Probably doing divertculitiscizes!

Camilo said...

Jajajaj, un pie de foto estelar, jajajaja

Jungle Mom said...

It's funny and yet sad. I see it all happening again here in Venezuela. We were driving with friends and billboards of Chavez are everywhere, the 3 year old would look and say, Uh Ah Chavez no se va!