03 January 2007

A Lifting Veil?

It seems like the winds of change are finally blowing the veil that once obscured the truth about Cuba's slavery away.

Fads , social customs , fashion; they all seem to follow some indiscernible current, a subliminal understanding, a Jungian universal conscience.
We all seem to be attracted to and want do the same thing at the same time for some unexplainable reason.

Is the social undercurrent finally flowing to expose the Cuban regimes cruelty and brutality?

This from Blog for Cuba

This from Babalu

Now this from The Miami Times. A well written , gritty piece.

Che is for tourists. Poverty is for Cubans

Waiting for Him to Go
Castro’s Cuba brims with hushed anticipation, and paranoia
By Our Woman in Havana

an excerpt . I loved the writing style of this reporter, BTW

Everywhere everyone spewed about how this was the worst holiday season ever (no pork cutlets for Nochebuena, don't even think about an entire pig), worse than the Special Period after the collapse of the Soviet Union, worse than anything anyone had ever seen. People openly panhandled in the streets — something unseen five years ago. Buildings everywhere are peeling, crumbling, disintegrating into the streets. Internet, cell phones — hell, even phones — are nonexistent for regular Cubans. Even acting president Raul Castro went on national TV while I was there to carp about how bad the transportation and food situations were. "In this revolution, we are tired of excuses," he grumbled. On the street, all it took was a "How's Havana?" or a simple "How are you?" to launch a bitter rant.

and another:

Yet the tourists — mostly German, French, and Spanish — still go. There are fewer Americans these days, but they are there, hiding behind their dog-eared Lonely Planet guides and mojitos. Some have a passing curiosity about Fidel, but many are happy to see Cuba in all its communist Disneyland glory.

"I want to see it before it changes," was the common refrain.

I know its been a long time coming, but hell, the tide may finally be turning on the regime. Maybe it is now going to become chic to point out its many failures. Hopefully Castro bashing is the new wave of the future.


Val Prieto said...

I have it on good authority that this reporter's next piece on Cuba will be quite eye opening.

Alfredo said...

change will come......