18 January 2007

US Military Excited About Possible Mass Exodus

Hey, I can mess with Headlines too!

The Sun Sentinel is continuing its Public Service of allaying the Cubanophobia that has gripped South Florida since July 31.

U.S. scouting out Gitmo sites in case of mass exodus after Castro death

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba -- If Cubans flee in droves when Fidel
Castro dies, those intercepted at sea will likely wind up at this base where nearly 400 men captured in the war on terror are held, creating ``an incredible challenge'' for U.S. forces, the base commander said.

Military officials say they have begun planning for a possible mass exodus, scouting potential sites to detain migrants in tents while keeping them far from the prisoners suspected of links to al-Qaida or the Taliban.

.... And...

In past periods of turmoil, thousands of Cubans have taken to the sea. The U.S. Coast Guard has tried to intercept them before they reach land. Under the so-called wet-foot-dry-foot policy, Cubans intercepted at sea are generally sent back while those who reach U.S. soil are allowed to stay.


The US' primary concern as it relates to Fidel's departure and the ensuing changes in Cuba has been to maintain "stability" and the "status quo".

Chinese Model, Vietnamese Model, Russian Model, Iraqui Bloodbath Model, it's all good as long as there's no Cubans washing on up shore.


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Charlie Bravo said...

It's becoming clear that the only concerns are "stability" of Cuba and "no exodus" of Cubans. Some visible heads seem to think that it's all that matters. In the mean time, Cuba is under the stranglehold of a tyranny, but hey, it's stable and there's no mass exodus, so the bureaucrats in power are fine with that. Betrayal? yes.... Surprising? No.