08 January 2007

Kings Stage Comeback in Cuba

In Cuba, January 6 is Three Kings Day. Traditionally, children get toys and gifts on this day like American children do on Christmas.

This morning the MSM tells us that Juventud Rebelde, the communist youth tabloid in Cuba, is warning Cubans against capitalist style consumerism because of the unusually high demand for toys which preceded the Three Kings Day:

"A tradition that seemed extinct in Cuban society rises again," the state-run newspaper said. "Although no one sees celebrating the millennial festivity of the Three Kings as heresy, the danger could be in (the holiday) accentuating consumerist habits and social differences."


Back in the day, they would have mocked the religious celebration as “bourgeois” and silly. But after 48 years of trying to create Che’s “new man”, a cold, calculated, atheistic communist, they have failed. They’re right back where they started with warm, loving, spiritual Cubans.

Here’s another “Three King’s Day” story:

About 30 children, all sons and daughters of Cuban political prisoners asked the communist regime to free their fathers for Three Kings Day.

They did so publicly at a gathering sponsored by the “Ladies in White” .The event was held at the Havana home of founder Laura Pollán who is married to imprisoned opposition leader Héctor Maseda who’s serving a 20 year sentence.

Laura Pollán

Pollán said that children from all over Cuba took part in the event and that not one cent from the US Government was used to stage the event. She said that funds were donated from countries and organizations within the European Union.

Late last year, the Cuban government accused the dissident movement of being US mercenaries after a GOA report revealed that there were questionable managerial and accounting practices in the USAID program designed to materially aid Cuban dissidents working towards democracy on the island.

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