11 January 2007

Resolver = Recycle

"Recycled" Plastic Liter Bottles

You see me and my stupid parents and all those people who left Cuba just had it all wrong.

Silly us.

All those shortages, and all that misery, and all the having to do without :

It was RECYCLING!!!!!!!

If had only known!

Here are some excerpts rationalizing the deplorable standard of living in Cuba from the Sun-Sentinel's Necessity -- and scarcity -- make Cubans masters of recycling :

Faced with chronic shortages, meager salaries and the United States' economic embargo, Cubans have mastered the art of recycling. The socialist government promotes the practice as a way to save the planet. But for most Cubans, it's more about saving themselves

Cuba's socialist government long has extolled the value of recycling. In 1961, Ernesto "Che" Guevara led a state company to recoup metals and other materials from waste. The objective: to save on imports, boost exports, expand industry and create jobs.

Cuba's cash-strapped government often touts recycling as environmentalism. A recent article in Communist Party newspaper Granma urged paper recycling to save
forests and stem the spread of garbage dumps. Another promoted the government's push to replace old, energy-guzzling appliances with new, mainly Chinese-made ones as a way to cut oil consumption.

Unlike European and U.S. cities, Cuba has few formal programs for recycling.

Well, they do have two very successful recycling programs in Cuba ommitted in the article.

Granma, the official government newspaper, is recycled as toilet paper becuase of toilet paper in Cuba is so scarce, it is considered a luxury.

They have also been very successful at recycling misery and oppression.

BUT, Yet, if you read the article , you'll find many interesting ways Cubans make due or "resuelven"

God, I hope that word, "resolver", fades from our people's vocabulary soon.

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