19 January 2007

``Within the Revolution, Everything. Outside the Revolution, Nothing.''

"Within the Revolution, Everything. Outside the Revolution, Nothing.''

Fidel's infamous totalitarian creed.

The guiding words to his orgy of intolerance and oppression.

Granmierda, which is well "within the revolution", published a letter by The Cuban government's union of writers and artists , also well "within the revolution" on Thursday. In the published statement they backed intellectuals who protested the recent TV , (Cuban TV is also "Within the Revolution"), reappearance of ex- government officials who, for and "Within the Revolution", used to censor intellectuals and artists. BUT they reminded the intellectuals that"Outside the Revolution Nothing", stills stands.

The "intellectuals", (you have to chuckle at a classless society that has a class called "intellectuals"), are upset over the recent TV appearances of Luis Pavon Tamayo, Jorge Serguera and others who are blamed for the "gray five years"('71-'76).

The Intellectuals , who all work well "Within the Revolution" and enjoy perks that the common Cuban on the street doesn't, are afraid that their going to loose their prized perks and relatively comfortable lifestyle . Obviously,if there's a tightening of what's considered "within", it will leave some of them "without".

The farcical "debate" on the pages of Granma is just a staged ploy to show how the "reporters" are writing about the things that affect the average Cuban.

Just, last week Rolando Alfonso Borges , "chief ideologue" of the party, urged "reporters" to do just that.

The farce is being staged "Within the Revolution" to put a more tolerant facade on the regime of CastroII. The international press gushes at covering stories where it "seems" that Cuba is moving towards a "freer" press, while they ignore the regime's responsibility in the death of Miguel Valdés Tamayo .

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