16 January 2007

The Cuban Patient II

The news from Spain continues to flow downhill for Castro.

This morning we learned that Castro underwent 3 failed operations and as I surmised yesterday the "zipper" invented by Dr. Sabrido had to be used.

Castro's condition serious, Spanish newspaper reports

From the Boston Globe:

Castro, 80, suffered a serious infection that worsened to peritonitis, the newspaper said in today's editions. It cited two medical sources at the Madrid hospital where a surgeon who visited Castro in December works.

Castro's prognosis is "very serious" and he is being fed intravenously, the paper said.
Diverticulitis is the inflammation of pouch-like bulges in the intestinal wall. Peritonitis is an infection of the lining of the abdominal cavity.

A first operation to extract part of Castro's large intestine and reconnect the colon was a failure and the link broke, releasing feces into the abdomen that caused another peritonitis, the newspaper reported.

A second operation to clean and drain the infected area and perform a colostomy also failed, the paper said. Castro underwent a third operation to implant a Korean-made prosthesis, but it did not work and was replaced by one brought from Spain.

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ABC News says he Tyrant is "Grave":

In a report published on its Web site, El Pais said: "A grave infection in the large intestine, at least three failed operations and various complications have left the Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, laid up with a very grave prognosis."

The recovery from the first operation, in which part of his large intestine was extracted and the colon was connected to the rectum, did not go well. The
link broke and he released feces into the abdomen that caused another peritonitis, the report said.

A second operation to clean and drain the infected area also failed, the paper said. He was then hit with inflammation of the bile duct, an illness which has a 80 percent mortality rate, el Pais said. A prosthesis made in South Korea was implanted and failed and later was replaced with one made in Spain.

El Pais said that in December, when Garcia Sabrido visited, Castro had an abdominal wound that was leaking more than a pint of fluids a day, causing "'a severe loss of nutrients." The Cuban leader was being fed intravenously, the report said.

The Cuban regime has bee to deny the news:

A Cuban diplomat in Madrid said the reports were lies and declined to comment. "It's another lie and we are not going to talk about it. If anyone has to talk about Castro's illness it's Havana," the diplomat said, speaking on condition of anonymity because of official policy.

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Today should be an interesting day in Havana

AND there's this bit of good news on Peritonitis from Voice Of America:


The condition is a painful and potentially fatal inflammation of the lining of the abdominal cavity often caused by infection in an organ.


Jose Aguirre said...

It is divine justice that fidel die full of shit all over! Babalu's post today is titled "Esta es tu caca, fidel!" I can't wait to hear all the new jokes as Cubans on the island learn what really is going on!!!

El Gusano said...

Ha you got it, Jose, it's divine justice. I'm convinced he chose not to have a colostomy which caused his condition.a victim of his own stupid decisions. also ironic.he also can't eat and people who are fed intravenously die of dehydration and hunger also ironic since he has been starving us for 48 years.very ironic.
I had wanted to say "Aqui dejo tu mierda, Gallego" which is a saying my aunt used to say, but I didn't want to be rude.

Jose Aguirre said...

Yes there are a lot of ironies here! I only hope that Cuba can soon be free as 48 years is too long for a country to be enslaved!