08 March 2007


U.S. halts imaginary Cubans in security drill

Two thousand imaginary Cuban migrants set sail toward Florida during a massive two-day U.S. training exercise but were intercepted by federal, state and local agents armed with teamwork and acronyms.

"Operation Vigilant Sentry," the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's plan to halt a mass migration from the Caribbean, was put to the test by 325 agents from 85 law enforcement agencies during the exercise that ends on Thursday.

No word on whether the "imaginary Cubans" were sprayed with imaginary pepper spray, imaginary water cannons, or imaginary bullets in order to halt them as it's commonly done to "real Cubans" trying to escape the 48 year old disaster of a revolution.

There was also no mention if the "imaginary Cubans" were sent back to the imaginary totalitarian communist regime that they were trying to escape. But both these exercises happen everyday. Cubans are sent back to the Caribbean concentration camp and the ones that repatriate them like to pretend that the totalitarian government anmd misery that they send them back to is imaginary and just a figment of its victim's imagination and hyperbole.


Anonymous said...

Interesting points.

Cuba is misery no doubt, but again its relative. Compared to Jamaica Cuba looks different.. compared to Hati cuba might even look better (aside from political repression)

This dynamic is why many people claim that your claim that cuba is concentration camp is hyperbole! B/C again, from a third world perspective, Cuba looks like a mixed bag, with the political repression being the biggest blotch.

I mean how many Mexicans have absolutely no hope. I lived in Colombia for years and I would say that 60 percent of colombians (more in rural areas) have absolutely no hope of improvement and live in squalor too. Of course, at least they have their freedom.

I am big anti-castro, but if I were to be poor, and Latin american, I might rather be urban poor in Habana than urban marginalized poor in mexico city , lima, or even D. Republica.

the point is that you can't compare cuba with your experiences in USA.. silly to do so. That's why concentration camp metaphor is big big hyperbole.

I know many real cubans (who live in cuba) and although they hate castro and really want change (open up), they would adamently disagree with your assessment.. you sound like american biased against third world not cuban .

compare cuba with other latin american countries, small ones would provide better comparative points.

Alfredo said...

Mr. anonymous,

hey very easy to say, why don't you spend years as a political prisoner being tortured, have your property stolen, have eggs thrown at because you were a christian. You have no idea what you are talking about. Another ignorant person concerning the reality of apartheid Cuba.

El Gusano said...

your theory of relativity doesn't
hold any water as your no Einstein.

I do compare Cuba to ther countries in Latin america. it is the only one with no multiparty elections and the only authoritarian dictatorship in latin america.

the governments of the rest of latin america to do exist with the sole purpose of subjegating and dehumanizing their citizrns as does castro.

you being a socialist can only comapre people materially, to you people are only worth what they have.

thus , your erronueos and sad world view.

El Gusano said...


i didn't realize it was my visitor from bethesda, maryland.

cool. we'll get to some common ground someday, buddy!