26 February 2007

Castro Celebrates Black History Month

By burning Martin Luther King Jr.'s biography.

The Castro regime doesn't like the biography of Martin Luther King Jr. because it "is based on ideas that could be used to promote social disorder and civil disobedience." and has ordered confiscated copies from independent libraries to be incinerated.

Martin Luther King Jr., who fought for equality and justice is considered dangerous in Cuba where he is admired and his dream lives on.

Roughly 60% of Cubans are either black or mixed race, what they would call here in America "people of color"

85% of all inmates in Cuban jails are black. The regime and the communist party are controlled by whites with no blacks in any positions of real power.

Blacks, as well as all Cubans, have no freedom of speech or assembly. They have not had free multiparty elections since Castro muscled into power.

They are subjected to an apartheid where they are not allowed to enjoy the island's bounty and
natural resources since these are reserved for tourists.

European "Sex Tourists" looking for trysts with dark skinned Cuban girls flock to Cuba to exploit young black and mixed race women who are easy prey because of their desperate situation with the regime's silent complicity.

Cubans today have to subsist on government rationed food and actually allowed to buy a monthly ration that is less than the slaves on the island received from their masters back in 1842.

Many of the islands leading dissidents, like Biscet, Roca, Cuesta Morúa, Fariñas, Ferrer, happen to be black or mixed race. Not that it matters to us Cubans but it should to blacks in the US.

Our Patron Saint, Our Lady of Charity, is dark skinned. Even her image is a representation of racial "diversity" since the virgin is looking over three sailors of different races.

And Yet....

Castro's Cuba is perceived by some American blacks as a "racial utopia" with the revolution being the catalyst to bring about racial equality.

Of course, in Cuba there were never any segregate lunch counters or buses and Batista , the last "head of state" before Castro, was mixed-raced.

Congressional Black Caucus members have visited Cuba and offered praise of President Fidel Castro. Some have pushed to end the embargo against Cuba and ease travel restrictions that prevent Americans from traveling there legally.

Jesse Jackson, while visiting Havana, once raised Charlie Rangel's friend's arm, and proclaimed "Viva Fidel!"


Jose Aguirre said...

Excellent post! I have sent comments like this one to African American writers at the Miami Herald hoping they would write about Oscar Elias Biscet and other imprisoned black Cubans but it has fallen on deaf ears.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

In Cuba everyone is equal. But some (white guys) are more equal than others.

Charlie Bravo said...

The saddest thing is that almost all the members of the Black Caucus are poisoning the minds of the African American community across the country and not working on taking them onto the road of progress. Therefore, they use kasstro as their posterboy, you have the likes of Jesse Shakedown Jackson, Chawlie "draft'em all" Rangel, Al "Pretty Hair" Sharpton, and many others as his accomplices. The guy who heads the Pastors for Piss, Lucius Walker. That sorry actor Danny Glover, the rebelious Spike "beaten up" Lee (dig his story at killcastro, the police in Cuba shouted at him, negro jinetero! cabron! haciendote el americano! and beat the living hell out him) and the ever famous, egregious "Dr" Louis Farrakhan from the Nation of Islam are all kasstro colostomy bag lickers.
In the meantime, black Cubans are misrepresented in Goverment, they are the cannon fodder in the army forces where all the brass is overwhelmingly white, and they tend to live in sub-human conditions, not by choice, but because the government displaces them, and they are under the grip of a veritable apartheid. The alcoholism among blacks in Cuba is alarming. The penal population is almost exclusively black, the leading dissidents are the only group of the population where blacks are represented proportionally to their numbers.
On the other hand, one could argue that all Cubans are subject to apartheid. But hotel workers tend to be white, since the government doesn't want "pesky niggers" around foreigners (I witnessed the former head of tourism in Varadero saying those words in front of me)
I think that when they say on this shore of the Straits "mass migration!" what they are fearing is that most of the refugees would be black, as if they didn't have a reason to flee. A lot of balseros are black and mixed race. Look at the footage of the repatriations and you will see that the majority of the balseros who are sent back are black.
I have had several arguments with people who tell me that "In Cuba there were not those many blacks, castro must have brought them from Angola".... Cuba was not perfect, but before it was transformed into kasstroland there was no segregation, and many blacks and mulattos were professionals, skilled workers, and upstanding members of the society and several religious and fraternal organizations.
Do I have to mention here that che huevera was a racist who took an special care in killing black men with his own hands and who call Cubans "cubaniches" (in English it would be "Cubaniggers")?
Do I have to mention that many brave men in the Escambray were black?
There are many people who want to forget that our nation has a very important black component, as much as we are European, we are black too, even if not a single drop of African blood runs through our veins, that's our national identity.
Listen to the band Free Hole Negros from the soundtrack of Habana Blues. Their song "Superfinos Negros" has the answer!
(I will transform this into a post in my blog!)

El Güinero said...

Así es asere. también en todo el consejo de ministros solo hay 3 negros y un burujón de blancos.


El Gusano said...

Guys: thanks for further supporting the premise of the post. it is a very sore subject with MOST of us. We have all suffered castrism together and will emerge a closer people. one race:CUBANS.

ziva said...

Don't forget Mr. Dayo hijo de puta Belafonte, Maxine Waters, and Sheila Jackson to name a few more. These black Americans are traitors to America and thier race, their victimization policies, contrary to the ideals of the civil rights movement, have destroyed the black family and community. They are all a den of thieves.

Charlie Bravo said...

Ziva touches -as always- the core of the matter: they go against the very same principles which guided the civil rights movement. All of those people are accomplices in whatever happens to all Cubans, black, white, Chinese, or mixed!

Anonymous said...

this is utter lies.. I was just in cuba and this is not true. My wife is cuban (recently moved from the isla) and she is black and she read your post and laughed.. NOT TRUE..

such utter hyperbole and stupidity.

I usually like this blog but this is right wing propoganda (are you not better than the people you claim to fight? )

Nowadays in habana, there is even a statue of MLK in Havana (in vedado).. like john lennon was banned in the 1970s in cuba now he is revered (there is john lennon park with corresponding statue . Also in vedado.

there is still racism in cuba , like in america, but its the older generation.. the state does not ban MLK books (at least anymore.)..

Anonymous said...

They did not ban this book. ... you guys are such crazies sob's... no wonder why cubans fear you more than Fidel.

there is statue of MLK right now in 23rd near Vedado.

Why is it when real cubans (anti-castro but recently to USA) read your blog they laugh and say "la misma propoganda" Los cubanos, miami o habana, son los mismo.. nuncan aprenden.

You haven't been back to the island in decades, what the hell do you know?

Anonymous said...

there are two races.

cubans and Miami mafia.

Cubans win.

El Gusano said...


We're talking about Cuba, the country, not Cuba, Ohio.

Anonymous said...

This blog, especially this post, is pure propoganda. You have no facts or empirical evidence to back up your statements.

sure, cuba is no racial paradise (don't get me wrong) and it is racist.. but who were the biggest racists - the ones who fled to Miami.. they were the worst..

read and educate yourself.. here is a citation -- book published by cambridge university press (the book is probably too high brow for you guys, but maybe you'll be able to understand the big words).


Racial Politics in Post-Revolutionary Cuba
Mark Q. Sawyer
University of California, Los Angeles

El Gusano said...


come on facts are as empirical as it gets.

I agree race relations in Cuba between Cubans are pretty good. But that is INSPITE of a racist Fidel with his gallego racism.

The post is about how Castro has let my black brothers down.

I don't see what you feel obligated to defend his racist policies.