22 February 2007

Making a list

Many European, Latin American and Canadian companies do business with the Cuban regime.

Doing business with Castro is not “engagement” or “dialogue”, it’s complicity.

Those companies that do business in Cuba know about the social aparthied and violation of Human Rights that Cubans are subjected to. They will claim that doing business in Cuba helps the Cuban people somehow, but all they're interested in is MONEY. Exploitation of the Masses by the Capitalist class. Isn't that what Fidel's poor excuse for a revolution was supposed to protect the Cuban Worker form?

Let’s take tourism, tourists in Cuba can eat all they want, do whatever they want and enjoy the island in ways that native Cubans are forbidden. How does this help the Cuban people? By rubbing their noses in the freedoms, necessities and comforts they don’t have? By getting 4 cents out of evry dollar that the Regime recieves for their labor?

Tomas Estradapalma is taking names.

To these companies that exploit our captive brothers and sisters:

You have already racked up millions of dollars in damage against the Cuban people for the unpaid slave labor. Everyday you continue to do business in Cuba the damages will escalate. Cease and desist now then contact us to discuss reparations to Cuba when the Castro boys are driven from power by the people. Once again let me reiterate that when this happens your business will not be welcomed in Cuba until all outstanding debts to the Cuban people have been settled.

Not a bad idea.

Let’s make a list of Companies Non-Grata in a free and Democratic Cuba.

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