27 February 2007

On the Radio

Fox News is reporting that Castro appeared as a guest in Hugo Chavez's radio show tonight.

This shows the total lack of respect that the tyrant has for the Cuban people. Rather than address the country he has lead (into ruin) for 48 years, the dictator addresses the Venezuelan citizens.
He told the Venezuelans that:

he's "more energetic, stronger" and his country is running smoothly without him at the helm.

"I feel good and I'm happy," Castro said in a phone call to Chavez's weekday radio program. "I can't promise that I'll go over there soon, but, yes, I'm gaining ground."

"But I ask for patience, calm ... the country is marching along, which is what is important," Castro said in a soft but steady voice.

"And I ask for tranquility also for me so that I can fulfill my new tasks," he said.

He didn't address or have any messages for the long suffering Cuban people who, unfortunately, have had to hang on his every word since 1959.


ziva said...

Has anyone verified that is was indeed the plastic anus speaking?

El Gusano said...

Not that I know of. sounded like him. I don't think he's that important anymore...
...It could have been Enrique Santos and Joe Ferrero