28 February 2007

Shakeup at the CIA.

The new Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell has decided to replace Norman Bailey, Mission manager for intelligence on Cuba and Venezuela.

McConnell is replacing the outgoing John Negroponte.

Coincidently, McConnell who was addressing the Senate Armed Services Committee cryptically and without further explanation predicted:

``In Cuba, this year will mark the end of the long domination of that country by Fidel Castro,'' Mike McConnell, the nation's new spy chief, told Congress.

He also reiterated that:

“Significant positive change immediately following Castro's death is unlikely,'' McConnell said. ``The long period of transition following Fidel's operation in July of 2006 has given his brother Raúl the opportunity to solidify his position as Fidel's successor.''

But, then again this is coming form the same people who planned the Bay of Pigs, didn’t foresee the collapse of the USSR, could not prevent 9/11 and assured us there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

And speaking of weapons of mass destruction………..

The former chief of Cuba's military medical services is calling for international weapons inspections of a secret underground lab near Havana, where he says the government is creating biological warfare agents like the plague, botulism and yellow fever.

Roberto Ortega, a former army colonel who ran the military's medical services from 1984 to 1994, defected in 2003 and now lives in South Florida.

After living here quietly for four years, this week Ortega went on the Spanish-language media circuit to denounce what he claims is an advanced offensive biological warfare weapons program. He spoke Tuesday night at the University of Miami's Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies where one angry heckler stormed out accusing him of deliberately sowing fear among Cuban exiles.

''They can develop viruses and bacteria and dangerous sicknesses that are currently unknown and difficult to diagnose,'' Ortega told The Miami Herald. ``They don't need missiles or troops. They need four agents, like the people from al Qaeda or the Taliban, who contaminate water, air conditioning or heating systems.''

He said Cuba was ready to use the biological agents ''to blackmail the United States in case of an international incident'' such as the threat of a U.S. invasion.

Read the rest here……….if you dare!

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