13 February 2007

Cuba's Apartheid

The subject of Cuba’s social apartheid is usually not covered anywhere except in the anti-Castro web sites and blogs.

Within the past year, with the renewed interest in Cuba, we have seen some movements in that direction.

This Article in the U.K.’s The Telegraph goes a long way to exposing the social apartheid and inequities that Fidel Castro’s regime has instituted on the island.

Cubans in their own words:

"They watch us and we watch them," he said with a resigned laugh as the tourists turned their cameras to capture the image of a young boy optimistically fishing in the oily waters.

"It's a little like being in a zoo," sighed Carlos, a 24-year-old literature student. "But that is the reality of life here. We are caged while the world looks on."

"Fidel has starved us," he whispered. "Yes, there is a lack of food but it is more than that. We are starving for information, for opportunity, for freedom. We want to enjoy the same things as those people over there," he said as a fresh batch of tourists spilled out of the doors of a tour bus.

The Rest of this Poignant Piece Here

Media exposure to the social apartheid that exists in Cuba's supposedly classless society is essential to exposing the truth about Cuba. That this article, titled "Cubans feel betrayed by tourist playground" was published in the U.K. where thousands go to Cuba every year on holiday is very positive.

I'm sure that the thought of going to a "quaint Caribbean island" where the population is dehumanized to the point that they feel like caged animals in a zoo being gawked at, doesn't appeal to most in England.

Let's hope this new trend in reporting the "truth about Cuba" continues.

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