15 February 2007

The Wall Between Churches and an Atheist State

I read an article by Corral in the Miami Herald yesterday.

It was about religious institutions who felt cut off from Cuba.

Religious groups feel cut off from Cuba


A wing under construction at St. Brendan Catholic School in Miami harbors a pile of goodwill -- some of it withering in the dank humidity -- that was meant to be delivered to Cuba's needy.

Donated diapers, baby formula, wheelchairs, even Christmas decorations are stacked from floor to ceiling.

Rev. Fernando Heria, St. Brendan's pastor and an archdiocese spokesman, said the Cuba-bound goods sometimes expire or rot, so the archdiocese tries to give perishable goods to Miami's needy before they go bad.

U.S. Jewish groups would drop in on Cuba's biggest synagogue, Beth Shalom, up to
three times a month, bringing care packages stuffed with matzoh crackers, school
supplies, and nonprescription drugs for Cuba's Jewish community of about 1,500.

The visits have tapered off to six or seven a year, and donations have dried up, said William Miller, head of Beth Shalom in Havana.

''We've had months without a single group from the United States visiting,'' Miller said in a telephone interview from Havana. ``Being part of the Jewish community means helping your fellow man, and we feel punished for being part of Cuban Society.''

God knows that if any society on needs spiritual and material support it’s the Cuban society.
But why whine about the US government policies? The ultimate responsibility for Cuba’s problems lies with one man, Fidel Castro.

Why is it that these Religious organizations need to have missions in Cuba in the first place?

Why is it that Cuba would needs donations?

Why can’t the Church in Cuba send some one to pick up the donations?

Why can’t these donations be shipped like they would to nay other country in need?

Why are there only 1,500 Jewbans left in Cuba?


And why did the Government crack down on religious travel to Cuba?

Because religious groups where using their religious license as shields to take “tourists” to Cuba for pro – Castro propaganda fests and sightseeing.

''OFAC became aware that a number of large organizations were abusing their
religious travel licenses by soliciting participation beyond their own organizations for trips to Cuba, yielding less control of the travel groups and their activities in Cuba,'' said OFAC spokeswoman Molly Millerwise in an e-mail. The policy was changed in fall 2004, ''in hopes of eliminating such abuses,'' she said.

Many of these religious groups don’t give a rat’s butt about the Cuban people, their main goal is to prop up the atheist communist regime, its leftist egalitarian ideology and anti-American tyrannical leader.

Religious organizations that engage in politics as a religious organization under the guise of "religion" should loose their 501 C not for profit –tax exempt status.

But, the Jeffersonian wall between Church and State is never a problem when its on the left side of the room.

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