24 February 2007

February 24, 1996


Mambi_Watch said...

Sup Gusano,

There's no discussion here about the event. It was a planned assassination. But, I would think that the US would follow up with finding justice.

According to the Helms-Burton Act, it states that "The Congress urges the President to seek, in the International Court of Justice [ICJ], indictment for this act of terrorism by Fidel Castro."

Why do you think the US has not approached the ICJ since the shootdown?

And, do you blame the US as much as the Cuban government? If not, why not? According to documented sources, the US knew that a shootdown was likely to occur, and they kept silent.

El Gusano said...

hehehe the ICJ.. thats funny.

another useless debate society.

the catro regime is responsible. and bubba was too afraid of fifo to start an incident over 4 spics who "where asking for it".