05 February 2007

Who and Why

Miami 's Mega TV's Polos Opuestos with Maria Elvira Zalazar is reporting that the Doctor who operated on Fidel Castro is

Dr. Julian Ruiz Torres

who is currently under house arrest in what is referred to in Cuba as "Plan Pijama"

According to Zalazar's sources there were complications after the operation because of an infection caused by an opportunistic bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa .

This bacteria occurs in medial facilities that haven't been properly sanitized!

Apparently, Castro was operated in an operating room in the presidential palace where he has his offices and they didn't have the necessary equipment to sterilize the room and or equipment.


Charlie Bravo said...

This confirms a post that we had a few weeks ago on KillCastro saying that some of the medical personel had been arrested, accused of deliberately causing injuries to that crapbag who's also known as fidel castro....

El Gusano said...

yes, I remember. this guy is being erased. hard to find info on him, but there's always cached pages.
does the location sound kosher to you?
anyway, like you say is academic at this point.

Charlie Bravo said...

The location sounds kosher enough, I took time to answer because I wanted to make sure that I had my coordinates straight.
He has one mobile clinic. Full fledge operating room on wheels, that sometimes has followed his convoy.
There's a clinical facility at punto cero.
There's a clinical facility at his offices in the headquarters of the communist party.
But there's something here: Dr. Ruiz Torres operates out of the CIMEQ (Center of Medical and Chirurgical Sciences and Research) which is not far from punto cero, where kasstro resides.
And then you have Hospital Cira Garcia, in the Kohly neighborhood, where he was also treated after the first surgery and from where he was taken to Punto Cero to recover after at least the their sugery, according to our time line....
Our KillCastro sources believe that the pseudmonas aeruginosae infection was caught at the insistance of kasstro to be transferred prematurely from CIMEQ (first surgery) to Punto Cero (therapy) His residence is ultra clean, but it's not sterile, and he developed there the first problem. Then the time line gets murky for us, and we don't know if the second surgery was performed at CIMEQ or at Cira Garcia, but the third was performed at Cira Garcia by a combined team led by Dr. Ruiz Torres. That's according to what our sources report.
I have been searching on Google about Dr. Ruiz Torres and there's a sensible difference between what was online this afternoon shortly after 12:00 noon and what you can find now. Erasure, that's the Stalinist method. Dr. Ruiz Torres survival is actually very compromised at this time.

El Gusano said...

what your sources say actually makes more sense. again, his insistance on dictating his treatment. it's hard to buy that Cuban doctors would screw up sterilazation procedures. cuban doctors tend to be very good. easier to buy that know-it all-fifo demanded to be moved. looks like RuizTorres is toast. thanks for stopping by and clearing that up.
btw, yesterday in the same show thay had lots of pics of punto cero.funniest thing fifo has one of those talking mounted fish gadgets that sings "dont worry be happy"