12 February 2007

The Man, The Myth, The Fraud.

El Pive Guevara

Way back in ’67, before he became a t-shirt Icon worshipped by the chic rebels without a clue world-wide, el pive Guevara was shot, burned and buried in an undisclosed location in Bolivia. (unfortunately, in that order)

Fast forward 30 years to 1997. His ex-partner in crime, Fidel, who never met a lie he couldn’t tell, decided to put together an expedition to go find el pive’s body and have it brought back to Cuba for burial. The body was miraculously found in a common grave near the Vallegrande airport.

Fidel had ordered that the body be found to give the floundering Cuban revolution a needed morale lift and to “re-launch the revolutionary mystique” (and T-Shirt Business). Guevara’s remains were placed in a mausoleum in Santa Clara with much revolutionary fanfare on the 30th anniversary of his “martyrdom”.

Fast forward again to ’07 where journalists Maite Rico and Bertrand de La Grange, ex reporters covering Latin America have written an article for the magazine “Letras Libres” exposing the operation to find Guevara’s body as a hoax and claiming that the body buried in Santa Clara cannot be Guevara’s.

According to Rico and La Grange there’s no way that the remains found in Bolivia can belong to Guevara.

First of all, they claim that it is common knowledge that Guevara’s remains were incinerated and not buried with any other remains, but either buried in a separate location or scattered throughout the jungle.

They claim that the Guevara’s remains were positively identified by the forensic team because the remains had amputated hands, like Guevara’s, and because of cranial and dental features.

The forensic team also based its identification of the remains on articles found in the grave. One such article was a green shirt similar to the one worn by Guevara when his body was exhibited in the laundry room of the Señor de Malta Hospital in Bolivia. The other article was a belt. There was no mention of a beret or feces stained trousers.

According to Rico and La Grange, the shirt found in the grave could not be Guevara’s because his shirt was kept as a souvenir by Dr. Moisés Abraham Baptista, director of the hospital. Do they Have eBay in Bolivia, eCoca-Bahia?

DNA test will not be forthcoming.

Why is this important, you ask?

Because , in the not too distant future, when we go visit Santa Clara, we will only be able to piss on Guevara’s Memorial, not his grave.


The Nuevo Herald Article HERE (in Castillian)


Camilo said...

Gusanote, ahora estamos en "Periodista Digital".

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Un abrazo!

Jose Aguirre said...

Good point Gusano! I can't wait to piss on fidel's grave!

El Gusano said...

Me cago en la....


Cambiense el nombre a Estancia Gitana

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Camilo said...

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