17 February 2007

Dos por Porqueria

..Sigue siendo Porqueria...
For a country where only 1.7 percent of its citizens have access to the World Wide Web, Cuba has been making a lot in internet news this week.

First, Ramiro Valdes, Minister of Misinformation declared that the internet is a tool of the Empire’s quest for world domination, but that Empire was also keeping Cuba form using the evil tool for peaceful and humanitarian purposes.

Next, they announced a revolutionary new Cuban search engine that blocks the truth. The search engine is called 2x3 (dos por tres) which is a Cubanism to describe something that’s quickly and easily done.

The aim is to search Cuban Web sites without having to rely on foreign engines.”

Cuba’s first search engine can search any subject, but only on Cuban servers, or the Cuban intranet, including 150,000 government sites and the state-run media. It has a special function key on the homepage to browse through hundreds of Castro’s speeches since day one of his revolution in 1959.

This feature will come in handy in the not-too distant future when Fidel Castro’s lies, contradictions and treason will be more easily exposed to the world in a free and democratic Cuba.

Another thing about the a search engine , for those that are into numbers, like Fidel, is that the numbers of the search engine when you reverse the mathematical equation alluded to in the name of the search engine, 2/3, it gives you 666.

When the laughter stopped, Valdes announced that Cuba was joining the revolution against Darth Gates and embracing open source software and Linux.

"It's basically a problem of technological sovereignty, a problem of ideology," said Hector Rodriguez, who oversees a Cuban university department of 1,000 students developing open-source programs.
Ramiro Valdes, an old comrade of President Fidel Castro, raised suspicions about
Microsoft's cooperation with U.S. military and intelligence agencies as he opened a technology conference this week.
He called the world's information systems a "battlefield" where Cuba is
fighting against imperialism.

Laughter again erupted when “paunchy, wild-haired Richard Stallman, whose Free Software Foundation created the license in many open-source programs, Linux included.” spoke.

Middle-aged bureaucrats and ponytailed young Cuban programmers clapped as the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology computer scientist insisted that copyright laws violate basic morality, like laws that would threaten people with jail for sharing or modifying kitchen recipes.

It is not clear if the programmers in the conference where clapping against laws that violate basic morality, which are well represented in Cuba, or because they identified with the joke about putting people in jail for modifying kitchen recipes, since in Cuba this must be done daily because of food shortages or because they were against software copyright laws.

Ironically, just last week, the Cuban government was out in full force enforcing copyright laws by destroying homemade illegal satellite dishes that where being used to pirate satellite tv signals and arresting the pirates.

Also on Friday, Venezuela announced that it is building a 1,000 underwater fiber optics cable between Venezuela and Cuba. The cable will allow Cuba to connect much faster than the 65 megabytes per second (mbps) for upload and 124 mbps for download that it currently has trough satellite.

So, in a nutshell, a Cuban will be able to go to an internet café, if he can afford it, and using a Cuban government computer, running the Cuban government open source operating system with tracking and blocking code, access the Cuban government search engine with tracking software and filters that only searches Cuban government servers and get the same government propaganda he gets everywhere else on the island. Oh, and this will somehow be faster because there’s a 1,000 mile cable to Venezuela.


Charlie Bravo said...

Great take on this Gusano.
I also have something on KillCastro....
By the way, did you get my e-mails?

El Gusano said...

Thanks, CB.
I like your take on Drath Valdes trying to tame the wild colt.
Can you imagine theseguys clapping at Stallman when he mentioned inmoral laws?
Que jodedera!