08 February 2007


We're getting to the point where the country is being run by pollsters.

They dictate who runs for office.

They tell us what our domestic policy should be.

The shape our foreign policy based on foreign polls.

Here's a poll to cap "Let's do away with the Cuban Embargo Week"

Here's the only poll that counts:


Charlie Bravo said...

I vote to receive a mass migration of Cubans!

El Gusano said...

Raul cant let that happen, if he does he's toast.

Charlie Bravo said...

of course he will not let that happen, for that he recruited the services of the Sun Sentinel and the Bi-Coastal Guard.

El Gusano said...

que cynico eres, charlie...hahaha
tuviste buena escuela

Anonymous said...

your comment makes no sense. In a democracy poll do matter b/c they let leaders know the will of the people. witout polls, only the loud and often most extreme groups get heard in washington (take the hard-liners as a classic example of a loud group that has more influence on policy than they would actually receive if the public at large was given voice).