13 February 2007

Communist Pretzel Logic

Cuban official calls for controlling 'wild colt of new technologies'

Here’s a perfect example of Communist Pretzel Logic from Ramiro Valdes’ mouth.

At an international communication technologies conference being held in Havana, Valdes, The Cuban Minister of Disinformation and Tall Tales, who’s more comfortable at shooting off his pistol than his mouth, confounds us with his philosophy on the internet.

Recently, repression in Cuba has been highlighted by reports exposing that only 2% of its citizens have access to the internet. Cubans have costly internet access that is more like and “intranet” allowing most citizens access only to an island wide local network. In typical Cuban-Apartheid fashion, tourist and the “more equal” government "big-wigs” have real internet access, though censored.

In this AP: Article Valdes “explains” why:

"The wild colt of new technologies can and must be controlled," he said.

Internet technologies "constitute one of the tools for global extermination,"

Valdes expressed dire suspicions of U.S. intentions for the World Wide Web, citing post-Sept. 11 security measures and press reports that technology giants Microsoft and Google have cooperated with U.S. intelligence agencies.

"These actions bring the destabilizing power of the empire to threatening new levels," he said.

It’s Washington’s fault. Somehow the Empire and its agents get in the through the wires and “poof”…Truth. No we can’t have that “wild colt”. We need the tame colt of lies and repression.


He also blamed the US for Cuba’s lack of reliable internet access saying it does so to impede the Island’s development:

they "are also necessary to continue to advance down the path of development."

So let’s see if we can follow his “reasoning”. The evil Americans are blocking Cuba’s access to a medium (the WWW), that the empire is using as a tool to destabilize and destroy the Revolution. And he says with a straight face.

He’s also quoted saying that these are the problems with the world-wide web:

"the diffusion of pornography, encouragement of terrorism, racism, fraud, spread of fascist ideologies and any kind of manifestation of cybernetic crime."

That must really anger Ramiro. You know how mobsters are, they don’t like anybody muscling on their territory.



Charlie Bravo said...

Only 2 percent have access to the internet and it's a dangerous colt to be tamed and controlled?
Wow, I have to say, I never expected a compliment from that mo'fokkin' criminal of Ramiro.
We're onto something here.....

El Gusano said...

Yes, we are.

The have admitted as much

Abel Prieto had this to say: "It would be a delusion to think we could hide that torrent of information," he insists, referring to anti-Castro websites. "The only possibility is to beat them with a better concept of life." (bigger and better lies)

Rolando Alfonso Borges recently urged Cuban “reporters” to fight the imperialists with “the truth OF Cuba” on the inertnet.

They want to tame the colt cause they’re afraid of getting trampled.