14 February 2007

Happy Valentine's Day Message from The Herald

A Happy Valentine's Message from The Miami Herald:

Change from Fidel to Raúl is a-coming

The more things change , the more they stay the same.

According to Putney, who's talked to all sorts of "Cuban Experts", The change will be........................

More of the same, lies, propaganda and smoke and mirrors

Here are some of the changes:

Babun says Cuba has received 130 new buses from China but has only 40 in general operation. Another 40 buses ferry members of the Communist Youth Union around the country doing various tasks. Raúl is also sitting on six big electricity generators that were imported from Europe, but none has gone on line. They will, along with those 50 new buses, Babun predicts, when Raúl believes the time is right. When he needs to show the Cuban people that he can deliver things they desperately need -- electricity and transportation. Very clever.

What it has recently allowed are new rules (La Ley de Cultos) that spell out when churches can expand their operations, proselytize, hand out literature, even use microphones at services. This works in favor of the growing evangelical movement in Cuba and against the Catholic Church, which is the only viable nongovernmental institution on the island.

What else might Raúl do to secure his place as the líder máximo? Release a group of about 130 dissidents, which would send a symbolic message to Washington about his position on human rights

He might also tell Eloy Gutiérrez Menoyo, the former Miamian and Cuban political prisoner who returned to Cuba a few years ago to start an opposition political party, that he can open an office, hand out pamphlets, maybe even get his name on a few local ballots. Cuba would remain a one-party country in practice and theory, but even this small political opening would send Washington another signal.

Now, what would be the result of these "symbolic" propaganda tricks?

Better U.S.-Cuba relations:

Fidel thought the doors were opening too wide and closed them. I'd bet that Raúl, with a few positive signs from Washington, will allow them to nudge open again.

Which is the obsession of all Castro "likers", sympathisers, useful idiots and apologists

Sheesh and they call US hardliners !

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Charlie Bravo said...

Ah Gusano, and TEO BABUN is head first into all of this.... What, wait.... wasn't he one of the people who was in the famous party where the got a bunch of cash to Batista to leave and get kasstro to steal the republic from the people of Cuba????
And now, well, we're gotta get something else coming from the Queen of Mean "herself" free sex changes and same sex marriage. Hey, you will see how fast the special interest groups here in the States are going to negotiate with "her". Many people will fly down to Cuba to have the sex change, and many to get married. Maybe next year for Valentine's Day, you know, big business for Hallmark, Spanish language division!

El Gusano said...

what a baboon!

i did not know this.

Thanks for pionting it out.

para gustos se han echo colores y para colores las flores.

what was it you called it "medical tourism"?
Canada started a program already.
and..here in Palm Beach cty. there was a group looking into going over there to explore a program for medical procedures but they were shot down by W.

Now the Gay tourism thing, is new to me. it's interesting. maybe rosie could have her cruises stop in havana.