04 February 2007

Keep The Bubbly On Ice

The Castro Deathwatch Continues.

How much longer?

What does he have?

Why doesn't he die already?!?

Some answers from Dr Tim at Blogcritics.org

What next for Castro? First, he will never return to power. At his age, with so many complications, he will never fully recover. A study done several years ago on healthy medical students confined to bed for one week showed that it took months to return to their baseline weight, muscle mass, and conditioning. For 80-year-olds who are six months into a severe illness, there is only a downward spiral. How long will it take? That depends on his condition at the moment. Once a person with severe illness such as this gets to a point of disability where he cannot move his own body weight without assistance, survival is measured in days to weeks. As long as he is still able to move as he appears to be in the October video, he may have months to years. But, the complications leave him fragile and highly susceptible to a sudden event such as a heart attack, meaning he could go any day. And he has no realistic chance of being able to return to his former power, except in the most limited way.

There's even some Political Commentary:

Not that anything is likely to change that much in Cuba any time soon anyway, whether Castro survives or not. The 76-year-old Raul, who has been with his older brother since the beginning of the 26th of July Movement began and has been his close confidant, has shown no sign of changing Cuban policy and is unlikely to make radical changes any time soon. More likely, major change in Cuba is to have to wait until a new generation of politicians moves into power. For the moment, the death watch continues.

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Charlie Bravo said...

Great article.
That's why Le Dauphin, fidelito, is been prepare to ascend to the Throne of the Island in Ruins, when his uncle decides to retire, which will be soon after kasstro is cold and stiff.
The release 2.0 is a fact. The release 3.0 is being tested as a beta, in a cross-platform environment,
(this is Charlie Bravo, going against the "Gooblogger" grain!)

El Gusano said...

Ha! Le Dauphin!

The uncle, don't forget, in his first speech basically said that the next generation needs to be ready.

Its either fidelito or marielita and/or some of raul's son in laws

Charlie Bravo said...

We got information, and posted about it, that in a meeting with his croonies, raulita dropped the bomb that fidelito was the one he really thinks that should head the country after his retirement. Imagine the disappointment of the fools that for one second thought that the power would voluntarily go outside of that evil family. There's something brewing in there.... as always!

El Gusano said...

there's some red chinese tea brewing.

wait till the end of next year or begining of next when they have "elections"

old guard is bye bye ad only loca fans need apply