27 February 2007

Gay Havana?

As it dawns on Cuba’s totalitarian regime that the world is beginning to see through the “Socialist Paradise” illusion, it is now “re-branding”Cuba into the “Gay Paradise”.

The regime is bestowing “rights” on gays:

"We have to abolish any form of discrimination against those persons," said Ricardo Alarcon, president of Cuba's National Assembly. "We are trying to see how to do that, whether it should be to grant them the right to marry or to have same-sex unions."

Alarcon said he expects Cuba's communist government will soon enact a law to do one or the other. "We have to redefine the concept of marriage," he said. "Socialism should be a society that does not exclude anybody."

Never mind that Cuba’s gays were rounded up in the 60’s and forced to perform slave labor in Nazi-style CONCENTRATION camps called UMAP ("Unidades Militares del Ayuda de Produccion") (Military Units to Help Production) complete with the euphemistic signs on the entrance “Work will make men out of you”

Never mind that thousands of gays were kicked out of their country during the Mariel boatlift of 1980.

Never mind that gay men with AIDS were sent to AIDS “camps”, similar to leper colonies, segregated from the rest of society in the 80’s.

But today, we’re asked When it comes to gay rights, is Cuba inching ahead of USA?

Does this mean that gays are going to allowed freedom of speech, assembly and hold multi-party elections?

Or does it mean they will be allowed to be as equally miserable as the rest of the Cuban people?

Making Cuba into the Gay Paradise will have economic benefits for the regime.

Charlie Bravo from Killcastro blog commented on this recently, surmising that the regime’s much publicized moves to legalize gay unions and to pay for sex change operations are a marketing ploy to attract the gay and transgendered tourists to Cuba. Imagine Gay Cruises stopping in Havana for legal Gay Nuptials at lets say, a cool grand? Then there’s the dollars to be made form medical tourism. Imagine transsexuals worldwide flocking to Cuba for cheap gender reassignment surgeries.

Not to mention the increase in prostitution that will result from this new business undertaking.

So is this about gay rights or more gay exploitation?


Val Prieto said...

I read that piece this morning and got so pissed off I started writing a scathing post to rebut it, unfortunately, every other word that came was a f-bomb.

What a dumbass reporter.

El Gusano said...

Same here. That’s why I avoided quoting any of the propaganda this Wickman tool was spewing. He’s got some other Op-ed piece out there that really shows that he’s another useful idiot mouthpiece. This one is particularly infuriating http://www.statesmanjournal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070226/OPINION/70223041/1049 They must have some real pics of him.

Charlie Bravo said...

The regime will use gayxploitation the same it has used blaxploitation at any given time. Cubanxploitation in all its variances, with the only objective of subjugating even more the Cuban population, gay and straight equally.
El trabajo los hara hombres.
I remember the tremor in the lips of my poor English professor from my HIgh School days when he told us the story at "la escuela al campo" on how he had been carted off to la UMAP, beaten, and how he missed the plane to the USA. He could only come during Mariel.... when he got a specially designed meeing de repudio for been gay.

El Gusano said...

Again, ignored by the american left home to most gays in the US

Charlie Bravo said...

Yeah, maybe the commie big honchos decide to resurrect the old Cuban slogan for its tourism industry:
Cuba, gay as its sun!
(Cuba, alegre como su sol!)

El Gusano said...


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

The regime is desperate for cash and is grasping at straws. I don't thinks gays will fall for it. Who in their right mind would puts their nuts in Raul's vice. (spelling intentional)