07 February 2007

Lost in Translation, Not in History

This from Cuba’s propagandist “Press” Agency:

Cuba Denounces New EU Pro-US Plot

Havana, Feb 7
(Prensa Latina) A new pro-US plot on Cuba within the European Union (EU) is planned Wednesday by some country members to undermine the island's independence.

According to Granma newspaper the anticuban plan seeks to apply the wish by George W. Bush's administration to materialize a common position aimed at threatening the Cuban sovereignty.

Prepared by the so-called "Group of Friends for a Democratic Cuba" is led by the Czech Republic and followed by Poland, among other countries of the also denominated converted group, the plot seeks the EU interference in Cuban internal affairs in order to overthrow the government.

Other nations on the group are Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania and Slovenia.

Granma states that position would even more affect bilateral interests of European countries interested in normal relations with the Caribbean island, and those of their citizens.

Granma recalls it was United States the one that, through former rightist President of the Spanish Government Jose Maria Aznar, hanged over the EU in 1996 the adopted Common Position to Havana, which has maintained since then bilateral relations in a "black alley."

In contrast, the EU follows an evasive and silent line faced with tortures and humiliations by hundreds of people illegally detained in US naval base in Guantanamo, Cuba and other secret places of the world, the daily denounces.

The same occurs, continue the editorial, with the secret flights and prisons of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the European territory.

The EU has so far demonstrated incapacity to formulate an own and independent policy towards Cuba, a fact that would make increasingly evident if US satellite countries impose Washington plans in the regional organization, Granma concludes.



The real US plot must have been to plant a translator at Prensa Latina that doesn’t speak English.

I think what they’re trying to say is that the EU is being pushed by the Czechs and former communist Soviet Block nations to work towards a democratic transition in Cuba.
This is an opportune moment for the push since Germany, which was victimized by a cruel division after WWII by the communists now hold the rotating Presidency of the EU.

The EU’s two newest member, Romania and Bulgaria also suffered under communist oppression and having a first hand experience of what the Cuban people have been enduring for nearly 50 years, will probably also side with the “Friends of a Democratic Cuba”

Think about this: Cuba has been under a Communist Totalitarian Regime LONGER than ex-Warsaw Pact Nations like the Zcech Repuclic, Poland, Hungary among others. The Cuban Families have now been separated by Castro and the Florida Straights 20 more years than the Berliners were separated by the Soviets and the infamous Berlin Wall.

Raul’s choices are clear he can either be a Gorbachev or a Ceauşescu.


Charlie Bravo said...

But there was more interest in taking down the Berlin Wall, and defeating communism in Eastern Europe -not including the former Soviet Union- than it ever was in taking any proactive action towards kasstro the granddady of all terrorists..... He even went and invaded countries as far as in Africa, and there was no engagemente from part of the U.S. against him.
Isn't that interesting?

El Gusano said...

i think the thinking was to choke the USSR and all its satellites would fall to earth and they all did except one.
After the USSr, broke up, it made sense to wait. then Clinton came along. And he was afraid of Castro.
Then 9/11 happened and now we got Chavez .
We just can't catch a break.
but when it ends the cash flowing down there from Washington is going to be huge.

Charlie Bravo said...

The thing is.... Is Washington really wanting to stop the BIG BUCKS from going to Cuba?
I don't think so, they just don't want me to send five bucks each to la tia Micaela and el tio Gumersindo!

El Gusano said...

that's as good as over.