14 February 2007

Shortage of Butts Grips Santiago

Now that Cuba has a “pragmatic” new dictator who’s tired of excuses, things are really changing.

About a month ago, there was a meeting of Cuban “journalists” where they gathered to receive their marching orders from their “employer”.

At the meeting they were urged to focus and write about “the great transformations and needs of the Revolution. The people must see its problems reflected in our media with greater frequency'' with “richness of language and creativity, with the concomitant professional and political responsibility.''

This Saturday, Juventud Rebelde, set out to fulfill its journalistic mission and reported on a commodity shortage gripping Santiago de Cuba, Cuba’s second largest City. The report
detailed the causes, responsible parties, consequences and solutions to the shortage.

BUT, (Buts are big with Cubans). you say…this is a good thing.

Well no, the article was about a butt shortage:

A chain of debts within the government supply system has caused a cigarette
shortage in Cuba's second-largest city, driving up the black market price of smokes, Cuban news media reported Saturday.

The shortage led "a few unscrupulous people" in the eastern city of Santiago to sell Popular-brand cigarettes for the equivalent of 95 cents a pack, nearly triple the normal price of 33 cents, according to the Communist Party youth newspaper Juventud Rebelde.

48 years of shortages and rationing of food and clothing and shortages in housing, utilities, transportation and everything else, and they write about a shortage of butts.

Well, what do you expect from a bunch of Buttholes?

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