08 February 2007

A Tale of Two Transitions

A Leftist Dynasty sits at the end of an era.

At the edge of the proverbial cliff.

On one side a glorious, storied and controvertial past. One the other, the abyss.

Change or Perish.

A Champion of the Left, exhaulted and glorified by millions of leftist thinkers in America and around the world.

A transition to the XXI century world of a globalized economy ,the only hope for this Dynasty.

The Castros, you say?


From Haaretz.com:

"I really don't know whether we'll be printing the Times in five years, and you know what? I don't care either," he says.

Sulzberger is focusing on how to best manage the transition from print to Internet.

"The Internet is a wonderful place to be, and we're leading there," he points out.

Like another dying Dynasty facing a perilous and almost impossible transition, Sulzberger has the same recipe for economic failure:

Ignore reality by creating an artificial one:

Will it be free?

No, Sulzberger says. If you want to read the New York Times online, you will have to pay.

In the age of bloggers, what is the future of online newspapers and the profession in general? There are millions of bloggers out there, and if the Times forgets who and what they are, it will lose the war, and rightly so, according to Sulzberger. "We are curators, curators of news. People don't click onto the New York Times to read blogs. They want reliable news that they can trust," he says


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