01 April 2007

Another April Fools

Trinidad's old sugar mills still interest visitors.

This one from the Sun Sentinel.

Why bother Americans with what's really going on in Cuba, when we can give them sugar coated fluff pieces about "quaint" little colonial towns.

And why interview dissidents when you can quote bartender/historian Ramon Conrado:

"The Special Period brought us so many problems that we had to turn to tourism to keep the socialist revolution alive," Conrado said. "But tourism in some ways increases inequality. I can make perhaps $10 in tips in a day at this tourist restaurant, while a cane cutter makes maybe 40 cents a day. Socialism seeks equality for all."

"Socialized Misery" (a Charlie Bravoism) for all!


Charlie Bravo said...

Gusano, the link didn't work.
Interestinly enough, the bartender is a historian mixing drinks and juggling bottles. And he goes onto saying that he's more equal than others. Socialized misery, indeed.
Famelic mind and soul, too. Moral malnourishment, you bet.

El Gusano said...

comiendo lo pica el pollo...link fixed.
moral malnourishment.